Suez Safety Outfitters SSO is one of the fastest – growing manufacturers of personal protective equipment in Egypt.

SSO is an Egyptian joint -stock company that established in 2004 and started its operations in 2006. Its aim was to establish and operate factories that produces safety Garments and footwear and provide all other kinds of personal protective equipment to achieve the highest level of protection for workers in sectors such as petroleum, petrochemicals, gas, and other industrial sectors by offering a complete range of products required by these sectors.

Our vision is to become the main supplier of personal protective equipment for all individual sectors and the largest manufacturer and supplier in the Egyptian market, while also ensuring profitability for the company’s shareholders.

Our mission is to reduce work-related injuries by providing a safe and healthy working environment for employees in various sectors. This is achieved by providing products that have proven to be safe and of high quality.

Our Main strategy for success is ” dedication and commitment to work while maintaining credibility and insistence on quality”