Chairman and CEO Word

Suez Safety Outfitters (SSO), was founded with the idea of manufacturing and supplying (Personal protective Equipment) PPEs’ to all the petroleum sector in Egypt.
PPE is equipment worn to minimize exposure to hazards that cause serious workplace injuries and illnesses. Also, PPE acting as a last line of defense when all other measures are exhausted as, the stricted controls will not necessarily eliminate all the risks associated with most job tasks where the is clothing or equipment is designed to protect workers from physical hazards when on a worksite, as it’s considered as a last line of defense between a hazard and the worker.

Attempts to control workplace risks and hazards should always be addressed first. Strictest controls will not necessarily eliminate all the risks associated with most job tasks and this is where the need for PPE must be evaluated.
We maintain the highest standards of quality, integrity and professionalism to be the main pillars on which our company operates upon. Since SSO was established in 2004, it didn’t get the deserved attention, however, the company’s strategic focus is to meet the present and future demands of our customers developing our products that drive our firm forward to reach the deserved attention.
We always strive to get new ideas about how we can make our products range more competitive with better and more customer values causing continuous arising – from employees – our customers and our suppliers SSO lately proves that we have constantly improved by understanding and managing our impact on people that also exceeds the expectations of our customers.
We also aim to work in synergy to enhance our total quality concept; this ideology makes us have higher expectations from ourselves more than our customers do as sustainability is one of SSO’s priority ideas.

In addition, the understanding of our customers is the reason we continue to be successful day in, day out; having them place their trust in our products as all our production lines are both innovative and revolutionary by using high performance technology and equipment that are needed to carry out such orders; therefore, SSO is committed to creating and developing new products varieties with a significant contribution to valued chain of PPE satisfying the customers and owes part of its success to technology advances and global trends. we learn from the successes and mistakes of other leading companies in the market, but most importantly from our own experiences. Throughout the years, we gained our reputation solely from the quality and service we provide as we tailor our services around our customers’ needs.
Finally, we continue to move forward by cultivating an open and ongoing dialogue with employees, customers, and suppliers. We do so in the knowledge that SSO’s reputation for integrity is our most critical asset, that we are committed to continuously improve the environmental footprint of our products and processes, as well as, our social conduct. We hope you spend some time to explore our catalogue 2020 and get to know our company. Once again, thank you for your interest in Suez Safety Outfitters SSO .