Dear Customers,

Welcome to Suez Safety Outfitters (SSO), one of the fastest growing PPE’s (Personal protective Equipment) suppliers and manufacturers in Egypt. We always strive to meet the needs of our customers, shareholders, and partners by providing trendy designs along with high quality products at a great price. Since SSO was established in 2004, it didn’t get the deserved attention, however, we believe that nothing is impossible with will power, hard work, tools, and passion to what we do. Therefore, the remarkable growth of SSO lately proves that we made it possible but there is a lot more to achieve. Everyone at SSO is well aware that customer satisfaction lies at the heart of our success, that all of us continuously work in synergy to enhance our total quality concept; this ideology makes us have higher expectations from ourselves more than our customers do.

We are working on achieving quality, accuracy and distinction to be the main pillars on which our company operates upon. In addition, the understanding of our customers is the reason we continue to be successful day in, day out; having them place their trust in our products and services is what we strive for. Moreover, we work on applying the highest international standards of quality and safety in all our products which can be seen with every order. This is by using high performance technology and equipment that are needed to carry out such orders; therefore, SSO owes part of its success to technology advances and global trends.

Like any other company, we learn from the successes and mistakes of other leading companies in the market, but most importantly from our own experiences. Throughout the years, we established our own excellent reputation solely from the quality and service we provide. We seek to meet our entire customer’s objectives deadline through flexibility, as we listen to our customer’s needs and we tailor our services around those needs. Furthermore, we make certain that all our employees have the advantage of working in the best possible conditions in an environment based on teamwork, sound ethics, and safety practices that makes employees proud of the achievements that surround them.

Finally, we continue to move forward by cultivating an open and ongoing dialogue with employees, customers, and suppliers, as well as our shareholders, the financial community and the general public. We do so in the knowledge that SSO’s reputation for integrity is our most critical asset, that we are committed to continuously improve the environmental footprint of our products and processes, as well as, our social conduct. This success that makes SSO truly exceptional is indebted to each and every single staff member. We hope you spend some time to explore our catalogue 2018 and get to know our company. Once again, thank you for your interest in Suez Safety Outfitters SSO.